Saturday, April 2, 2011

Thatch Lawns

I am working a quickly as weather will permit me to complete spring cleanups. I will be starting irrigation systems as soon as soil temperatures reach 40 to 45 degrees. Grass does not grow when soil temperatures are below that range, no use wasting the water. I plan to begin thatching lawns on or about May 6th through May 14th. Contact me for a quote and schedule your lawn.

Is Spring Here?

It has been a long and drawn out winter, actually it has been two winters up here. We had a great early winter with good snow for Thanksgiving and Christmas. Then a warm and wet January. Much of the first early winter snows melted. Finally the second winter started in mid February with 24 inches of snow over 4 days. The second winter has continued until a few days ago when warm weather returned and snow began to melt again. We are down to about a foot of snow in the more open areas and scattered bare ground in the heavily forested areas. Several years ago I planted some snow drops. here is my first snow drop of the season. May be spring is on the way but winter does not give up with out a fight. Today April 2ND and the day was sunny and snow off an on, high temperature was 34 degrees. I sowed my first rotation of spring vegetables in the greenhouse today. I plan to sow more in two weeks.