Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Time for Spring bulbs

Winter can be SO long in Central Oregon. Spring bulbs can be a way to know the cold days of winter are slowly coming to an end. The bright yellow of daffodils, color full crocus, are a refreshing change to the drab winter days. Just remember tulips are candy for deer and squirrels. If I can be of assistance on this matter please contact me. September is the best month to get them into the garden. For those who are interested in a more culinary garden plant think garlic. I grew my first garlic this season and will be planting more in my garden this season. The selection of varieties is great and flavor is much better than the ones we get in stores.

Summer is ending but remember our secret. Late summer and fall are the best time of the year. Cool clear nights, and warm days. As I sit in my office and type this it is clear and 29 degrees at Snowshoe Inn. Enjoy!


Monday, August 29, 2011

Fall is in the air

Winters are long and spring comes so slow in Central Oregon. Spring bulbs are a great way to remind you that winter will soon be over with. It is now time to be planting spring bulbs in Central Oregon. Think daffodils, crocus, alliums, grape hyanthinis. These are all great bulbs for our part of the world. If you with to feed the deer and squirrel plant tulips. As much as I love tulips they are not a good choice for Central Oregon. If I can be of help feel free to contact me.

Friday, August 5, 2011

Even toughter season

Many of my customers know I am the primary care giver for my mother. Since Christmas her health has been declining. She has her good days and not so good days. The ups and downs have been hard, but they also has helped bring us closer together. Her time with us is now short. I want to thank everyone for the understanding they have given me. I am making every effort to minimize the impact on my business. Family is very important to me.