Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Late Winter

Greetings from Snowshoe Inn. Winter is the time of the year I spoil my wife and refresh my sole. I never run out of things to do. Fresh snow means plow the driveway and road from our cabin to Skyliners Road. When it is not snowing I keep the cabin looking great for Bobbe. It is important to keep her happy. Last November was our 39Th anniversary. She is a keeper. I was late in getting my own gardens growing this winter. I maintain several winter gardens all winter. In the basement I have a grow room in which I grow micro greens, lettuce, and other greens for winter salads. In my cold greenhouse I have spinach & leeks. These were sowen in the early fall and I am able to harvest them all winter. Nothing better than a fresh greens harvested the day you enjoy them. My heated greenhouse has about 60 gerainiums that I overwinter for my wife.

Spring in the Central Oregon comes so slow. At my home west of Bend we do not loose the last of the snow until the end of May or the fist of June each year. In 1998/99 we had so much snow and no snow removal equipment that we could not drive to our cabin until April 1999. Now that was a great winter. I have since purchased the toys to keep the road and driveway clear no matter how much snow we receive. Got to keep the wife happy, which means no snowshoeing home at night after work. Now she can drive to he dry garage every night.

Well contracts are going out to your in boxes today. The weather forecast is still unsettled but milder weather is on the way someday in the future. As many of you know I am the primary care giver for an aging mother. Her health is not good and the demands have been stressful. It is like riding a roller coaster, lots of ups and downs. This season I have reduced my customer base by 25% to give me more time with my mom and family. My daughter had her fist child last July and we plan to spend time playing the Grand parent card. :)

Well be paceint spring and summer will come someday


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