Sunday, May 27, 2012

Spring in Central Oregon

As much of the country suffers through unseasonably warm weather what do we get but "snow".  Last week I had two inches of snow before leaving my cabin up Skyliners to head into town.  The landscapes in town were soaked with nearly one inch of cold moisture.

  I just checked the forecast and it looks like the coming week will be more seasonable temperatures. I learned many years ago just to wait for the true spring to come by the middle of June.  At least we very seldom have killing frosts that late in the season.  Last time I checked the National Weather Service out looks, they were predicting a warmer and dryer summer than average. Most people including wild fire fighters love that out look.  Just remember if it is too cold or wet today, it will change and if it is nice now enjoy it because it will not stay that way for long.

The raccoons come to our cabin often and try to rob the squirrel feeder we have on the top of my deer fence.  They can be entertaining but also eat too much squirrel food. 

I received two Spring bulb catalogs today.  Well September is time to plant spring bulbs, then June must be time to order spring bulbs. 


Sunday, May 13, 2012

Is it Spring yet?

Winter does not give up without a fight in Central Oregon.  It is hard to believe it was 16 degrees at "Snowshoe Inn" a few days ago.  Today it reached 80 degrees.   It is important to remember that tender plants can be damaged any time before the middle of June.  I have weather records from "Snowshoe  Inn"  with shows temperature below 32 degrees every month of the year here.  The June 15th date is a good conservative date to use to out plant tender plants.  Today I transplanted onion plants.  If things go well I will have sweet and storage onions in a couple of months. I will not transplant tomatoes, cucumbers, and squash plants to the garden until the middle of June.   I am still harvesting salad greens from my grow room in the basement.  Oh, it is nice to have fresh greens all year around.  I also have a few leeks in the garden to harvest.  New leek seedlings are in the greenhouse and will be ready to transplant in the middle of June.  My goal is to have fresh leeks most of the year for our kitchen.  Well time to crash, Monday starts a new week, always to much to do