Sunday, June 17, 2012

Fall & Winter Gardens

Well seed catalogs are out for fall & winter gardens.  Territorial Seed & Johnny's Seed are my primary sources of seeds and information.  , 
Ellie, I am learning how to do more on Blogger  :)

  Time to order garlic cloves, I am going to plant 50% hard neck and 50% soft neck this year again.  The hard neck has the scipes that are fun to harvest and enjoy this time of the year in the valley.  They do nor keep as well so they are also the first to be used in fall cooking.  I save the soft neck for late winter- summer cooking as they store better.  I am sown to 3 or 4 cloves left from last season now.  I planted two 7 X 4 beds of garlic last fall so I will have lots to cook with this summer and next winter.  I am looking forward to sowing several spinach, kale, cabbage, winter beets, winter carrots in August in the unheated greenhouse.  I will be taking out the old spinach from last season next week in my free time. 
It is interesting, I checked my soil temperature Thursday, it is only 55 degrees now.  One reason things grow so slow here. Check your soil temperature and let me know how you compare.  I have to remember that just a few weeks ago it was snowing off and on and we had 20 degree nights. 

Well time to go. 



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