Friday, June 29, 2012

Wildfire in Landscapes

As many of you know I have a forest management background and live in the forest near Tumalo Falls.   Wildfire in the landscape is a real danger in Central Oregon.   Several years ago while doing landscape maintenance for a duplex in Redmond I drove past an apartment complex that had burned.   I asked the renters in the duplex what had happened and they told me a cigarette had caused the fire.  I later called the Redmond fire marshal and confirmed the information.   The apartment had large over grown tam junipers around the foundation and someone had dropped a burning cigarette into the juniper and four families lost there homes.  The same thing happened a few years ago on Newport Ave.  A dropped cigarette in a tam juniper this time the condo units were saved but a large pine tree was lost.  The tam junipers are the worst.  I also seen the mulch we put in our landscape beds burn twice at customers homes in Broken top.  Once it was caused by a cigar dropped in the mulch and the second by an unknown cause.  Both times the fires occurred just before the irrigation came on and the irrigation put the fires out.  Burning cigarettes and cigars are not the only cause I am sure.  I have seen people dump there charcoal berquets for the barbecue in the landscape.  OK but make sure they are dead out.  Remember when we were young and Smoky said to put your hand in the fire to make sure it is DEAD out.  A third cause of wild fires in landscapes are holiday fireworks.  Several years ago in City View subdivision I had a customers hedge burn from a bottle rocket landing in the hedge.  It was quite a surprise to the 90 year young home owner and the boys across the street who sent the bottle rocket flying into her hedge. 

Everyone have a safe and great summer


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