Thursday, August 30, 2012

Winterize irrigation systems

As cooler weather returns each fall everyone gets excited about winterizing there irrigation system. I try to schedule three periods for winterizing systems. The first starts the beginning of October or just before the first frosts occur. I generally only winterize home owner installed systems that have spray heads and pipes above soil level. The Second period is the main winterizing period. I generally start this just a week before the first hard frost (lows in low 20's).  This is generally the end of October or first part of November   Well designed and and installed systems will survive significant cold weather. The most damage I have seen with systems winterized after significant cold weather has been a few broken spray nozzles. If a spray nozzle is damaged I will replace it at no charge for customers I winterize. The third period is the late winterization season. This is generally done after Thanksgiving. This is for people who forgot to have the systems winterized earlier or for new landscapes. There are always warmer days during the winter to winterize systems. I have seen very little damage from frost in irrigation systems from cold weather, but damage can be expensive if the back flow is damaged. I generally put a bag of shipping peanuts over the back flow of my customers.

Enjoy winter, I will try.


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