Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Fall Jobs in the Landscape


This is a view we will not be able to enjoy this winter.  The City of Bend has started construction of its new water intake and water line this week.  The road to the falls will be closed until early summer for construction.
Today October 2nd I will start aerating lawns.  Aerating lawns helps increase the health of the lawn.  It increases gas exchange in the root system.  The cores left on the surface are mulched my the last mowing of the season adding an additional organic layer to the soil.  The pine needles and aspen leaves are now beginning to fall.  I will be trying to keep up with this each week.  I can do this because growth in the grass blades slow down this time of the season.  As the top growth slows down this time of the year the roots continue to grow.  This new root growth helps the lawn to be thrifty in the following spring.  Depending on time and weather I will be putting down a fall fertilization in October or November. 

On a personal note.  I am scheduled to have a complete knee replacement at the end of November.  Last December I had arthroscopic surgery on the knee, the surgeon found that I had bone on bone and arthritis in the knee  By mild summer it was apparent that I would need to have a complete knee replacement.  I am not looking forward to the surgery but I am looking forward to less pain next spring. 

Fall is still in the air, enjoy each day!


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