Tuesday, January 29, 2013

New Season

Greetings from the Gardener

I wish to use this post to bring everyone up to date.  Last fall was a rush to get things done.  For the most part I was successful.  The end of November I had a total knee replacement.  The procedure was successful and my physical therapy was progressing a head of schedule.  Three weeks after my surgery I stepped out on to the ice near my cabin and slipped.  So much for my great recovery from the surgery.  A week later I checked in with my surgeon and he did a 2nd surgery to repair tares to soft tissue.   After the second surgery my wife put me on house arrest.  We stayed at my parent's home on the east side away from the fun life here at Snowshoe Inn. Less snow and ice in town to slip on.  Now a month after the second surgery I am back on the path to recovery.  I do not expect to be 100% early this spring but recovered enough to get things done. 

So far our snow pack was as much as 28 inches just before Christmas.  Since then we have not had any significant snow falls here.  I estimate that we have about 6 to10 inches of snow pack now at Snowshoe Inn.  That keeps Bobbe happy because she does not want me to shovel snow for a while longer.  

After a winter in recovery from my surgeries I am so excited to get back to work and enjoy the great life in Central Oregon.  I look foreword to seeing everyone this spring.


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