Monday, October 21, 2013

Long Summer

From January 29 to October 21 has been a long time.  Most of my customers are aware it has been a transition year for me and my family.   I lost my mother in August and now finally getting my life back together.  This winter Bobbe and I will be traveling to Australia.   We will do a road trip from Adelaide to Sydney.  I will drive about 2600 Km in 12 days.  This will be a personal adventure along as a gardening adventure, did I mention the wine?   My mother's father was born in Adelaide in 1900 and his mother was born in Colac,  Victoria.   I plan a pilgrimage to those parts of Australia and also visit as many, botanical gardens, natural history museums as I can within our time frame.  Oh, did I say we plan to visit a few winery tasting rooms while there.  I plan to try to post while on the trip showing some of the gardens and wildlife found along our route. 

I am hoping to do more posts on use of natives & appropriate plant species suitable for Central Oregon gardens. 
Here are some crocus that I naturalized in to a low intensity lawn area.  The early crocus come up as the snow melts across the lawn in the spring and are all done flowering by the time the lawn needs it's first mowing.   For me fall is the best season of the year, cool nights and warm days as we have been having the past few weeks.  Spring on the other hand has a few nice days then a week of cold wet weather.  And when it is clear it is cold and so many tender plants are killed by the late frost we have in Central Oregon.  Spring crocus add a smile to my face and remind me spring will really be here in June. 


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