Thursday, February 27, 2014

Pruning Ponderosa Pines

On the left you will see Dan from Oliver Arbor Care‎ after he climbed a small pine with a rope before pruning the dead limbs and those infected with dwarf mistletoe. On the right you can see him in the same tree after pruning it.  Green limbs should only be pruned between end of November to end of February.  This is to reduce infestations of Sequoia Pitch Moth.  The moth generally does not cause severe damage to healthy pines but severe infestations can result in significant pitch bleeding from the tree.  This can make quite a mess in landscape.  See my facebook page for more information on the Sequoia Pitch Moth. 


Some pruning on Ponderosa Pines can be done during the summer months.  I occationally remove limbs that died during the spring and summer as they appear with out damage to the tree or risk of attack by Sequoia Pitch Moth.

No green in this pile

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