Tuesday, April 15, 2014

So called Professional Landscape Contractors

Each spring I fire up irrigation systems for my customers and few systems for friends of customers.   Occasionally leaks appear in spring, generally it is a street ell at the base of a spray head that fails, or occasionally a pipe has a tree root that grows near and pushes the pipe against a stone.  I have never seen an irrigation installation except my own that screens the back fill around pipes.  Having been self taught I find my standards are far beyond anything I see in the field.  Last week I fired up an irrigation system of a new customer in Broken top and saw water coming up next to an aspen tree.  OK a root and rock, just dig it up, and put in a quick fix and move on.  I wish it was so.  It appears that the irrigation crew and the planting crew did not talk.  A very nice aspen was planted directly on top of the irrigation line.  OK any one can make a mistake right!  Upon further investigation I found that a tee with a funny ell was also under the tree.  It appears that the irrigation crew plumbed in for a spray head and changed there mind and just cut the funny pipe and then folded the funny pipe in half and slid a two inch section of PVC pipe over the fold to stop the water flow.  Any contractors working on Tam MacArthur Loop in 2000 like to justify this high quality work? 

note tee and funny pipe
slightly closer view
After removing

repair, better than removing tree

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