Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Central Oregon Shade gardens

Native, Clintonia uniflora

native, Smilacina stellata

foreground, Pulminaria, background, dead nettle (not kidding) 

Lily of the valley, nice fragrant cut flower

weed or not a weed?  Bishops weed

native strawberry  yum, get before deer get them
One of  the greatest challenges is to grow a shade garden in Central Oregon.  We have so many grand pines that shade our gardens year around.  No or little sun light summer or winter.  FYI, full sun is defined as 8 hours of direct sun each day.  partial shade is 4 to 8 hours direct sun each day, full shade is less than 4 hours direct sun each day.  here are a few plants I have at my home, "Snowshoe Inn" .  I live west of Bend in the Cascades,  it is a great place to challenge plants.  :)

Natives are great when you can find them.  Most of mine were collected from my own lot and replanted in shade garden.  Add a little irrigation and they do very well.

Horticultural plants are tougher to choose, read label if it says full sun not a good choice but sometimes worth trying one plant to see if it works in your conditions before buying many plants.  Be sure to buy fresh plants, I often wait for the newest delivery,  shop around.

Some of the plants common to the West Side of the Cascades will survive, but they generally do not look as nice in our Central Oregon envermnet.  We often have 50 degrees F,daily temperature swings.  that is hard on many plants.
Native, Shooting star, great in water feature

Native, Collumbine

Rododendron, does well but not as good as on Westside

Native, bleeding hearts,  good to July

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