Saturday, July 5, 2014

Grooming Perennials, & dead heading

The beauty of a garden can be enhanced greatly by spending a little time dead heading and grooming perennials during the growing season.  It only takes a few minutes per plant with a little experience. 
 Rhododendron at peak bloom, looks so good.
 Same rhododendron a week later, not so attractive. 
After a few minutes of dead heading spent flowers and doing a little pruning to reshape plant.  Much more attractive  for the rest of the summer season.  We often buy plants in bloom and forget that the bloom only lasts a few weeks at most.  What about the rest of the year?

Many plants benifit from dead heading, here is a few photos of plants before and after dead heading.



 Lavender can become weedy if not dead headed soon after flowers peak, the benifit is a bouquet of lavender in the house that will last all winter.  :)


Sometimes context suggest dead heading, in this case the Japanese spirea is past prime but others are in full bloom.  By dead heading the spirea it goes to the background and the flowering shrub comes to the foreground. 


afterwords, much nicer?

FYI, none of the pruning / dead heading was done with hedge shears, all with hand pruners.  They do a much better job. 

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