Thursday, September 4, 2014

Fall the best time of the year in Central Oregon

September, it is still summer but nights begin to cool and days are warm and clean.  Oh, I love this time of the year.  Last week I begin to notice vine maples and red maples are beginning to show some fall color.

Acer rubum
In Skyliner Summit
One thing I enjoy about my work is seeing the changes each week in the landscapes.  Color changes week to week and then it is full winter soon.  :) 

A sugar maple I planted for a customer several years ago.  What it the colors change quickly. 

 I keep getting more catalogs for spring bulbs.  Time to make those last minute orders.   For me living up Skyliners spring is a long time away but nothing says winter is nearly over than spring bulbs.  I have several thousand bulbs at my home. Snow drops, crocus, daffodils, and so many more.  By selecting multiple varieties and species I am able to extend the blooming season over a much longer time. 

Remember, enjoy every day and plan for the fun days ahead.


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