Monday, October 12, 2015

Fall colors 2015

I need to take the time to compare photos from 2015 to prevous years but it is too easy to spend all my time on computer.  Here are a few photos taken this fall.  I plan to add more as the season progresses.  Fall is my favorite time of the year.  We have cool nights, mild sunny days and so much color.  Someday I need to check out the Northeast fall colors but in the mean time.  I love Central Oregon fall colors. 

Vine maple, Yellows and Reds

Service berry, bright reds

Our native Aspens, Oh, such yellows, suckers are a down side but what color when massed

Lilac has great spring blooms and great yellows in fall

Mt ash, bright reds and sometimes yellows

Massing fall colors is great. 
Not all trees and shrubs have fall colors at the same time of the year.  Some are earlier, others main season and a few are later in the season.  I try to add a little of each to my landscapes and add both reds, yellows, and orange.